We are not just a rental platform

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Virtual Leasing Office

Our Team of Leasing Agents is NOW on your Team!

We are not just another rental platform!

If you are an Agent or Landlord you can benefit from our team of leasing professionals. Our Leasing Agents will respond to all inquiries across multiple marketing channels saving you time and money.


We help Tenants find the home they love prior to any viewings. Our team of Leasing Agents will pre-qualify tenants using Houzlet’s tenant screening application. We ensure all tenants are pre-qualified before viewings.


Tenants pay a refundable deposit which goes towards the initial fees during the qualification process resulting in more serious applications prior to viewing. Many Tenants use our platform for relocations and a high percentage rent the property without a viewing.

Market Your Rentals

Avoid costly vacancies and market your property on the most powerful platform.

Sync calendars and connect to other marketing channels.

Listing your property on Houzlet syndicates your listing to over 40 affiliate websites exposing your listings to over 700,000 million visitors per month. Reduce vacancies by 50%!

Manage Inquires

Our team manages all inquires, messages to prospective tenants, we pre-qualify and screen all tenants.

Huuzo marketing channels

Tenant Screening Secure & Verified

Remote tenant selection to save you time

Before a tenant can rent any property on Houzlet, they must complete a comprehensive tenant screening which includes a background check. We provide landlords with critical applicant info in a single report.

Screening Partner

We partner with RentPrep & Transunion Smartmove, an industry leader in tenant screening and background checks. You’re provided with national criminal, eviction, and sex offender histories to give you a complete picture of your applicant.


Houzlet provides confidence to landlords knowing the reports your applicants share are current and come straight from the reporting agency.

Rental Payments

Receive Rent Payments all from one Wallet

Collect Rent Online

We accept all payment methods on our secure platform, no matter where you or your tenant are based, you can collect your rent, deposit, and any other fees.

Receive Payments Directly

Receive payments directly to your bank account. Deposits are paid directly to you the moment your Tenant pays. Use our wallet to stay updated with rent payments, pending transfers, and deposits. We always provide you with a clear transaction overview.

Send Money

Use our wallet to reimburse your tenant for minor maintenance & repair costs or to refund their security deposit.

Keep Everything Under Control

How it Works?

How it work?

Houzlet is perfect for Agent and Landlords. Our platform creates a seemless rental process beginning with tenant screening to collecting rental payments. Our platform is a cross between Airbnb and Zillow. Landlords can set pass pass / fail screening criteria with our screening application.

Rentals Made Easy

Imagine having a team of Leasing Agents working with you! WE ARE NOT JUST A RENTAL PLATFORM. We provide you with a team of Leasing Agents to handle all inquires. The end result is a seemless rental process.

Free to List

Our business model ensures that you’ll only pay to use our platform when you rent your property. The service fee will only apply if your property is successfully rented. We’re committed to giving landlords and agents powerful tools to run their rentals for as little cost as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to upgrade my place to featured?

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How to list my place or rent properties on Huuzo?

You must become a site member in order to rent properties or list properties on Huuzo. Landlords can register here and Tenants can register here.

How the payments work for Tenants?

Tenants connect their bank accounts to Huuzo, via our API with Plaid. Tenants can set up auto-pay for rent payments on a secure platform.

How do the instant rentals work for Tenants?

Tenants can always browse for properties however all tenants are rentals require to do a tenant screening for rentals longer than 30 days. Once your tenant screening is done, Huuzo will display properties that you can instantly rent long term.

Who can become an Landlord?

Huuzo accepts property owners or real estate professional to list properties on our platform.

How do Tenant and Landlord communicate?

Huuzo messenger provides two-way communication between Tenants and Landlords as well as prospective Tenants.

How do Landlords get paid?

The Landlord must connect their bank account to Huuzo to receive rent payments from the tenant. The Landlord can also request payments from the tenant and charge late fees.

How do instant rentals work for Landlords?

The landlord is always in control if you decide to opt into instant rentals you will set the pass/fail criteria. If the Tenants screening passes the rental criteria they can instantly rent your property.

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