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Houzlet mission is to facilitate the rental process between tenants and landlords. In today’s economy Landlords and Tenants need to find the most economical solutions. We make rentals as easy as possible for tenants and landlords with a complete and clean online platform form that allows you to collect all the data needed to instantly rent a home both long term and short term.

Instant Rental

Tenants simply complete the tenant screening, you can then search for properties that you can rent immediately. In accordance with Fair Housing, Landlords set the approval terms when they list their homes on Houzlet. It doesn’t require any kind of approval from the Landlord prior to booking if the chosen move-in dates are available.

Rental Payments

Tenants can securely pay your rent using Houzlets wallet, you can also build your credit history, set up auto-payments while finding the perfect place. Rest easy knowing your info and money is secure. Landlords can deposit rental payments using the Huuzo wallet interface and request payments from tenants.

About Us

Houzlet is a platform that securely facilitates rentals. Whether you are an Agent or Owner looking to rent your property you are certain to appreciate the numerous features and benefits that our options panel offers to customize your rental process and adapt it to your needs.

The user experience is important if you want to be an industry leader. The clean design style with flat elements perfectly integrates into an easy-to-use user interface without compromise in your ability to customize the design.

This is not a platform that only takes care of the front of a rental online. Huuzo is also a rental platform that allows you to receive rentals, accept payments, manage your properties, and get in touch with your tenants. The functions of rentals, payment, advanced search, and rental management make Huuzo the most suitable solution for those users who want to offer their properties for rent.

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Houzlet Launches New App that Helps People InstA-Rent Any Property Entirely Online!

Houzlet Launches New App that Helps People InstA-Rent Any Property Entirely Online!

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