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I love Houzlet! It really made renting my property sooooo easy. I never have any vacancies anymore and I can advertise my properties and collect rent payments. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Anna Andrews

I was moving out of state and I never thought renting a place would be so easy. I completed my tenant screening then I was able to see which properties I instantly qualified for. I signed the lease and made payment to the landlord without leaving my living room.

Harold Warren

I was having a hard time finding a rental online until I found Houzlet.com. I didn't have time to drive around and look at properties with agents. It was so easy to find a home that I liked on houzlet and I was able to instantly rent it!

Michelle Wright

With the Pandemic, I was really nervous to go look at rentals. I was so happy to find houzlet.com, I was able to see what properties I qualified to rent rather than guess and waste time looking at properties I was not qualified for! I signed my lease online directly with the agent and made my rent payment, then moved in and got the keys! Easy!

Mike Forward

My house was empty for almost 3 months, as soon as I listed my home on Houzlet and my property was rented within a week. I decided to try Houzlet s instant rental to see how that would go. I was able to set the pass-fail criteria. Once the Tenant request came in I was able to see their credit report with proof of income and background check. I uploaded the lease agreement we both signed it and the tenant paid the first and security directly through Houzlet. It was such a smooth process!

John Quarter

I was able to find and rent a property within hours on Houzlet. Seriously this is the easiest way to rent a home. I was able to submit my application and message the landlord questions I had about the property. I defiantly recommend renting on houzlet.com

Jane Wrist

Listing your property on Houzlet is like getting an entire team of leasing agents working for you! I was so impressed, the houzlet team handled the initial inquires. On my end, all I had to do was review the applications and approve!

Stephen Stein

Be in control of your next rental!

Instantly rent your next property securely online without any hassles.

Instant Rentals

Renting a property should be easy, now you can with Houzlet! The long term rental APP that allows you to rent properties up to 12 months with a few clicks!

Remote Tenant Screening

Say goodbye to face-to-face viewings and embrace the simplicity of Inst-A Rent.  Let the tech do the talking and show what your property has to offer with dozens of time-saving features.

One Application

One application is all you need. When you process your tenant screening application on Houzlet it is valid for 30 days. This means you can apply to 1000s of properties if you’d like to.


After completing your tenant screening, sort properties you already Pre-qualify for! It’s that easy! Share your application, pay your deposit and sign your lease!

Be in control of your information!

One application is all you need

Keep your information secure

Tenant screening is not a process many renters enjoy. You’re required to give your personal information, such as social security numbers and account numbers to a perfect stranger (landlord).

We partnered with Transunion SmartMove to streamline the application process and protect your personal information. Our secure, online process generates and delivers the screening reports directly to you first.  You only share your screening report with landlords when you apply or when you want to Insta-A Rent a property.

Not only does this process keep your personal information private, it also has no impact on your credit score — and who doesn’t want that?

Background checks

Before you can rent any property on Houzlet you must complete a tenant screening. Landlords have the option to allow Instant-A Rent which will be determined based on the landlord’s pass/fail criteria.

Transparency and Transunion provide confidence to landlords. This allows Houzlet to permit instant rentals and create a hassle-free rental platform.

Pay your rent online

Build your credit history, and find the perfect place. Rest easy knowing your money is secure.


Ditch the checks and pay your rent online. Securely pay your rent via the Houzlet app and automate monthly payments so you never have to worry about forgetting to send your rent. It’s free when you use your checking account. If ever you needed extra cash you can also pay your rent via credit card for a small additional fee of 3%.

Build your credit history

Choose to report your rent payments to Experian RentBureau, so you can build your credit history just by paying your rent.

Renters Insurance

Protect yourself and your stuff. Feel secure knowing you and your belongings are covered if something bad happens, with affordable renters insurance you can get in minutes.

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